#HowfastISfast: Race-Car Driver vs. Windows Developer

Fun Fact. While helping film the behind-the-scenes, for Luxeve Media, for this amazing video experience. The commercial crew invited me to join the crew for a couple of hours in which I had the opportunity to make it to the cut. Thankful for this amazing film crew from NY. #ILoveMyJob Read More: #BehindTheScenes by…

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McDonalds: Where You Wanna Be

I had a great time working as a camera operator alongside Derek Scearce, DP and Billy Hong, Director. In creating this amazing series for McDonald’s.

Nintendo / Cartoon Network

Another fun gig I had the pleasure of working on. At the beginning of 2016, I was a 90% Editor only. I was called in by one of my good friends to DIT on this phenomenal spot.

Nintendo Super Mario Maker (Spot)